Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New really cool stuff!!

These two are almost done!!! First one is a drawing inspired from a hike on Bear Mountain in Chilliwack. Second one is a large canvas of a sunset at Sheridan Lake.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hey guys sorry it's been so long. Here's a bunch of stuff i've done in the last little while!

a stencil for your ride

A bunch of little stickers I made for my friend!! 

a little collage package i made for the stickers

Again Visual Art and Concepts: Hope is realized when your heart is submitted to the Man on the cross.
The initials AVAC, the word HOPE and the image of the cross and the heart and ring around it work together.

Some words that came to mind.

The Steady Rollin' stencil with some nice colors.

an image i made with lyrics from the song "Saturn" by Sleeping At Last.

some little handcuts! If ya want some let me know

 Working on a new set of business cards!

The Glorious North: Campbell Valley Regional Park

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Second main stage of this painting done. Bright fall leaves are next! I'm not sure yet but  I think that I make this a part of an ongoing series called This Great Land. This one is Campbell Valley Regional Park. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Broken Ocean
Acrylic and ink on paper

We Are Leaving Our Shadows Behind Us Now
Charcoal, pencil, chalk and crayon on mylar



Steady Rollin'
A stencil

Vision, Purpose, Path.

Here are some more images that I created to define vision, purpose and path for Again Visual Art & Concepts.

Waiting on the edge of line and fall. 
Photo taken in Haiku, Maui.

Love is unlike anything you've ever known. The beginning of forever.
Photo taken at Sheridan Lake, BC.

It's all new now.
Photo taken in Haiku, Maui.

Who would you be if you were fully loved?
Photo taken in Paia, Maui.

Is pure love. Grace upon grace. Unending patience. Raw beauty. Innovative imagination. Exploration. Success. Failure. Getting up and trying again every single day. Alive through the breath and blood of God.
Photo taken in Sheridan Lake, BC.